Expert - Undertext - film og Video

Starting in the late 70’s subtitling for VHS video and TV production, I was working with 8” floppy disks and very specialized hardware. Later moving to home office subtitle production and including silver screen subtitling, I started my tough journey to bring decent industry standard subtitles to all the branches of AV.
Fighting with the myriad video formats, text titling formats, converting between them, the understanding which gradually emerged enabled a degree of judgement and skill in this highly specialized area.
Now, 25 years later, having worked with all the (for Norwegian) major producers and distributers, I am settled into my niche as a film texter extra-ordinaire.
I am a member and supporter of NAVIO, the Norwegian organization of A/V translations and tilters and attend their yearly meetings. 

I have trained several new people in the skills of subtitling.  

I have often worked with producers requiring subtitling for competition releases where scenes are still under edit direction and will require adjustment and can manage these difficult circumsltances.

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